Property update

Well, we have a water meter installed. While the guys were out there putting it in, the neighbor rode up on his 4 wheeler and said that he owned 10 ft on the other side of the power pole. Funny how this dispute only comes up now, and not months and months ago when the first lines were put up to mark out where the property line was. You’d think he would have confronted the people who owned it before, or said something along the lines of the line isn’t quite right, but no, not until we get that going does he have a fit. Whatever. They moved it over and told us about it later. Fine. I hope this is not the start of some basic bad neighborliness. I get that ‘his’ kids no longer get to trespass on our property to ride 4 wheelers. I get that they no longer have an uninterrupted view of the valley. Our house is there. WE bought the property. We will be paying on it for 30 years. If they were so upset, they should have bought it themselves. Please pray that this will be the end of the property line stupidness. They have a fenced in back yard and have been mowing a fairly definite line of grass for several years, so it will be hard for them to dispute much unless they can prove where their survey pins are. I just hope it doesn’t come to that. We are moving to the country to get away from disrespectful people who make our lives hell for no reason, I’d hate to think that we’re moving into a hornet’s nest full of bad neighbors.

We also have our electric meter in now.

The house and garage have been backfilled around and the house has the sill plate on it. He also smooshed down some of the giant hills of dirt that the electric guys left from trenching the power in. We weren’t looking forward to having to rent a tractor or use dad’s to do all of that, so that will make it easier on us. The guy from Design Homes came down yesterday and measured the foundation. He said it was spot on. He also said we have to move a tree. That is, cut it down, and move some gravel over a little bit.

So we’re going to borrow my dad’s tractor this weekend, mow the property, get the tree cut out, move the gravel over so the house will stay on the road coming in, and possibly do some other stuff that needs done. That should really green the place up and move us forward to ‘nice’ grass and property instead of overgrown mess. We’ll have to get our own tractor eventually.

This is in addition to moving out of our current apartment to the other rental place.

Our house will be delivered next week! Oh my God! This is getting SO exciting. Spring is coming and that means lots and lots of tree foliage to hide us from view. Awesome! Once the house is set, the contractor will start work on the septic and the garage.Then the power and water need ‘hooked up’ to the fixtures and such.

We did run into one small problem in that where the garage is supposed to tie into the house roof, there is a window there. It may need taken out to get the garage roof in the right place. No biggie, we need a spare window for the garage anyway. We’ll see how it turns out.

Also once the house is set, we can start building the upstairs. We found out that it does come with knee walls set and plywood for the floor, so those are 2 things we don’t have to deal with buying/doing. That’s good. It means less work for us.

If I didn’t mention it before, starting Monday there is a huge sale on ‘stuff’ at our local lumber store, from toilets and lights right down to the drywall needed to fix up the walls. Awesome. In just a matter of a few weeks, I could be learning to install a doorknob. Not sure I will be good at drywall 🙂 However, it will be our place and that is very exciting. Finally, a place to call our own!


  1. Lots of exciting things going on, Jill. I wouldn’t worry about the neighbors. They’ll adjust. Plus, you have too many other positives going on right now. Sounds like things are moving right along!

  2. It sounds like things are FINALLY moving in the right direction for you!!
    Can’t wait until you post some pictures/


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