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GIVEAWAYS! Oh yes, we do. Here at Life is Not Bubble Wrapped, we fully affirm that we have no cash to spend, and that we love free/cheap/discounted stuff. We even search online for coupons. We’d even review stuff if given the chance. I must have entered 15 giveaways yesterday, and I’m terribly excited that it’s March because there are 2 full month giveaways going on that have to do with our favoritist (shut up, it’s a word) things to get…. cloth diapers. We found a giveaway for them once at MMMH’s and I’ve been following her ever since. Why am I telling you this?

Because in the month of April, she’s hosting a giveaway to honor her little one’s 2nd birthday. It’s going to be called the Birthday Bash Event! Aww! I’m putting the button over on the right, so scroll until you find it, it’s bright pink, just like her blog! So without further ado, please visit Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves by clicking the button on the right, or by simply clicking here to learn more!

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