House update

Should be delivered sometime the week of the 15th and set the week of the 22nd.  Then we can get started on the upstairs.

Lucky for us the local hardware store is having a big sale starting the 8th.  Most of the stuff we will need will be on sale. Some of it is first come first served. Not sure how we will work that, not sure if it even makes much difference, not sure if people ‘run’ to get new toilets on sale or whatever.

The guy from the housing place is coming down tomorrow (Wednesday).  Matt is working an overnight shift doing a watch on the door to his office, the door is being replaced and it’s high security, so someone has to be there to keep it secure, I guess. He’ll be leaving here shortly and doing a midnight to 6 am shift. Fun, fun. I made him cookies, tea, and an extra pizza to take with him and promised him breakfast when he got home in the morning. It’s the least I can do. He was hoping for overtime hours, but wasn’t allowed them, which kind of stinks.  So anyway, he will be around to talk to the housing guy. We’re very excited to see what the guy thinks!

We also need to start moving to the little house the landlady wants us to move to. We have a bare minimum of stuff that needs packed up yet and moved out to the property. Guess we may load up the truck and take a load tomorrow. I seriously need to get our clothes sorted out and decide about her diapers. I do have some disposable/compostable and biodegradable inserts that I can use while we are in transition. I entered to get a sample of them and ended up with 2 large packs on accident, they didn’t mind me keeping the second one, so we will be set hopefully for both sets of moves with those. We can get back to the regular cloth once we have a couple of things set up. It will be a crazy end of the week and weekend.


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I hope you find a great toilet on sale. And all the other stuff, too, of course. Wow, D-day is coming up!

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