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I want to tell you about a cool thing I discovered in the canned fruit aisle. Wait, come back! Seriously, I was browsing for those little cups of cut up fruit for when we visited relatives a couple of months back (with our then brand new eater), when I discovered Del Monte Fruit Chillers. You can get tubes or cups, and toss them in the freezer. I got the tubes (they were only $2 for a box of 8), which was less than the cut up fruit I was looking at ($2 for 4), anyway, there is 1/4 cup of fruit in each frozen bar. GREAT for teething babies and toddlers, and it gives them one full serving for the day. Awesome, right? We spaced these out and used them as treats on bad teething days right before bed.

The coolest thing ever? Is that right now at coupons.com they have $1 off a box! I think there is a chance you can print the coupon more than once, but I haven’t tried yet. HOWEVER! I routinely see these things on sale/priced at $2 per box and $1 coupon means you get 8 servings of baby fruit in a teething-friendly manner for $1.

Can’t beat it. Check out the coupon and the product!

I was not paid for this, I just love the product and want the rest of you to try it too! Wait, wait, too good to be true, if you follow that link to DM above, you sign up and get ANOTHER $1 off coupon! Yeah!

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Sounds like something my kids would like. And I like coupons. Will have to check this out!

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