Fun Monday: Friends

Wendy is our hostess for Fun Monday this week. She wants to know about friends. 1. What memories do you have of your school years at any stage of your education? 2. Did you keep in touch with your friends who were there with you in your formative years, or perhaps you lost touch as I did and are finding them again? Tell us about some of your school friends.

I think I will focus on college friends. I have actually caught upon facebook with quite a few of my high school acquaintances, but even though we have reconnected, it hasn’t been in a real deep and meaningful way. I’m sorry to say that through actual visits I only really keep up with about 3 of my college friends. I have 2 others that I e-mail but basically haven’t seen in quite a few years. I have another whose blog I read and we see each other about once a year, but it’s in the midst of my family so we don’t get much time to chat..

Michelle is a good friend of mine, the only one I have really kept up with from my college ‘extracurricular’ activities. She served as maid of honor in my wedding. We see each other about once a year at our Alma Mater for Homecoming. We have lunch if we can and visit during the Homecoming parade. We catch up by e-mail otherwise. She has a demanding job (where she carries a gun) and married a good guy who is a teacher. She’s my more logical friend. I don’t know if it’s just me she talks a mile a minute to, but it’s always very calculated and measured, and hilarious. She doesn’t know I don’t think how much she tickles my funny bone sometimes. It’s really cleansing to be with her for a while. Time melts away and I’m 19 again.

Stacy comments here all the time. As far as I know, she is the only one of my friends that keeps up with my blog. If I could only call one person and know that she would not judge me for whatever I had to say, it would be Stacy. We have to take turns talking, because we can talk each other’s ears off, complaining about all the stuff that we have to deal with, sympathizing and bad mouthing whoever is annoying the other person, and then delving into fixes if needed. Talking with her is more like a mutual therapy session, where we both find out 3 hours has gone past and we’re both exhausted and cotton-mouthed. Which is why we don’t do it very often! If anyone could actually ruin my life, it would be her. She knows FAR too much! But she’s too nice to spill the beans on me! Her hubs is a doc, so any ‘what on earth is wrong with… questions’ go to her! We see each other as often as possible, but the last time was for my birthday in June.

Tricia lives closer than anyone else. I have seen her once I think since the June get together (she was there too!). Her hubs is a farmer, a real farmer, so they are busy most of the year. We were pregnancy buddies, her son is about a month older than Keeley, so we really bonded over that. I don’t call her as often as I should, but we do keep up on facebook and email a lot! There’s always a message going around about what our kiddos are up to!

I am very lucky to have my real life friends and my blog friends to! Thanks for taking the time to read, now go visit the rest of the gang, but be sure to scroll down and see some more property updates!


  1. Sounds like you have 3 good girlfriends to share n care with. This is so important to women…your lucky Jill….Thanks for sharing

  2. I love some of your expressions Jill–“talking until you’re cottonmouthed”. I get exactly what you mean. I’m glad you have some close friends who are having the same life experiences as you–babies! And I agree with you about blog friends–sometimes I feel they know me better than anyone. BTW, how many teeth now?

  3. My cousin and I have that talking laughing relationship… To everyone else, we sound like a couple of middle aged ladies having lunch – until one of us starts laughing, then the other and we sit there and howl with tears running down our faces over the stupidest thing. We are just like that.

  4. I know what you mean about reconnecting with high school and elementary school friends on Facebook. Those relationships were so long ago for me that although it is nice to catch up, they will probably never develop into deep personal friendships.

  5. Some of the high school friends I’ve found on Facebook have been superficial comments so far, but I’m hoping to change that. I’ve always been the type of person to help draw a conversation out of people, so I’m hoping they’re just being a bit shy for the moment. It sounds like you’ve got some good friends there from college though.

  6. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Finally getting caught up on your blog after having company for the last 8 days. I am EXHAUSTED. And their yelling child (and yelling mom, trying to get said child to shush) gave me a 4 day headache. I feel bad, because these people are good friends and I love them dearly, but this house is just too small for 4 extras. And yelling at the 18 month old to stop yelling doesn’t make 18 month old stop yelling. It’s just more yelling, which makes my head worse. And I had the stomach flu all day Wednesday, so that just added to a not great week. But that’s enough. I’m done venting now.

    I, too, am a lucky girl when it comes to my college friends. Lucky for me, I have Jill!! You’ve described our relationship perfectly! I don’t know what I would do without that. Having good girl friends sure helps protect my sanity!

    I need to continue catching up, take a shower (ah, memories!!), start some laundry, and straighten up the kitchen. Mark’s playing basketball and should be home in an hour and I’d like to have that all done by then. So must move on to other entries! Love to all!!!

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