Insert maniacal laugh here

Remember when I had my surgery and pumped out a lot of milk for Keeley should God forbid they do something stupid and she need milk out of  a cup for a few days? That was back in September. We had about 8 bags left. It was getting close to the ‘should be good for six months’ end date.

Tried thawing it and giving it to her plain. Talk about a look of disgust, like, what? You’re feeding me, this? As if. So we cut it with moo juice. Still no go. Cut it further with moo juice and held out til she drank the first bag in 2 full cups of moo juice. Not working, right?

Here is where the laugh comes in .. ah ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha.. eh hmm.

Frozen fruit, thawed breast milk. Fruit smoothie. I am an evil genius!

2 bags to go!

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