On the second day of Christmas

Angel Tree. That is an understatement. This could seriously be a year-round, full time job for someone. Getting sponsors, collecting donations, taking information from people who need help.

One of the things that the pastor mentioned we could do is to donate for the angel tree or other program, to help someone who needs help, adopt a family, etc. Those kinds of programs are everywhere during the holiday season. Businesses have each department adopt a family, adopt soldiers, kids donate canned food to drives, the list goes on.

Typically, I give to the red kettle campaign. Occasional to LDFTB or MOD. Last year we donated blankets for a blanket drive. A few years before that a big check to the food bank in our home county, you get the picture. Other than that, we (I) haven’t done much.

This year we adopted an angel. She had already been ‘shopped for’, but the person took 3 kids and couldn’t do much for them. So far she had gotten a pair of pjs, an electric toothbrush, and a sweat outfit.

If you’re reading in a reader, this was in a drafts folder, and another post already had the pictures, here. Otherwise, it will probably look out of place, but feel free to follow the link anyway!

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