A firm foundation

Well, first of all, we have a cute picture of our ‘finished’ driveway, it goes to right outside where the garage will be!

End of driveway

Here is the start of scratching the ground to put the foundation in.

Here she sighted a bird up in the air and tracked it with her finger ‘showing’ us where it was. I was really freaking impressed!!!

It's a bird!

Looking back up towards the road, with gravel under our feet now!

Trees pushed out of the way/cut down to clear a path for the house to come through. We will replant/make ground cover.

View back towards house location where culvert is visible, as well as continued gravel to garage area.

The true meaning of my blog: Life is not bubble wrapped… look at that dirt!

Footings poured, blanketed to ward off the chill.

You can see the drain off towards the creek, should any errant water get into the crawl space.

It’s a bit soggy out there! See any green grass?

We tried and failed to get a good picture of the birds enjoying the dirt all torn up. Probably half a dozen of the prettiest blue birds you’ve ever seen with blue backs and red throats, or blue-gray backs with a light red throat. Back and forth, back and forth they flew!

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