Fun Monday Feb 15 & 22, 2010

Hi everyone! I’m hosting Fun Monday for the next 2 weeks! This will be a 2-part series, and while you can take part in either or both, you’re getting both assignments this week. Yes, there is homework. I’ll give you next week’s assignment first, and you can be working it out over the next 2 weeks.

This is February, the month of love. Please take this next week to share that love with someone else. The week of February 15th-21st is Random Acts of Kindness Week. You can visit the RAK Foundation here. For February 22nd, your assignment is to perform at least one RAK and report back on your Fun Monday post. Tell us anything you want, what you did, why you did it, if it was done in secret, how it made you feel, or anything else.

[note, don’t treat the above as a list, just write from your experiences]

For February 15th, please tell about something nice someone has done for you, or an act of kindness you witnessed a loved one perform, without being asked. It can be lately, or years ago, but something that touched your heart, and that you remember for that reason. Feel free to tell several stories if you wish, but remember, this is not YOUR RAK, it’s one that was performed for you or in your presence.


  1. Hi Jill! Ok great – please sign me up for both weeks. I posted on my blog that you are hosting. Thanks for stepping up to the plate! These are great assignments.

  2. Since I’ve been missing and missed this week’s FM….I’ll sign up for the second part on the 22nd 🙂 I think it’s a great theme for the two weeks!

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