Property Update


South side of creek and drive to the north, BEFORE.

Same tree in upper left corner by new culvert, waterway shifted from at drive to south of drive.

Same tree, just to the right of the culvert, gravel drive, with no water touching it.

Drive down the hill from the main road.

Drive looking back up to the main road, before gravel.

Looking back UP the hill at the main road

House staked out.

And now what you’re really here for:

Enjoying the new gravel.


  1. Oh, that looks so gorgeous!!!! You will really enjoy living out there with no one on top of you and lots of space between you and everyone else. I know you can’t wait!

    I went back and put links in my FM post to the mattress dismantling and the start of the couch project. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  2. Chari

    What a cute picture of your little girl. I guess you will be building a house soon? I hope it goes well for you! My husband is a home builder so building and moving get kind of old after a while for us 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I too wasn’t able to loose weight just by breast feeding. I will go into more detail about my weight gain/loss over the years when I reach my goal. However, I think my daily PB sandwiches and soda didn’t help either. I felt like I starved all the time, so I really don’t know how I could have lost the baby weight and keep up with milk supply, etc. Frustrating I know! Have you looked into weight watchers? That is what I’m currently doing now. It is the only plan I can stick too and don’t feel like I’m deprived. If you are still nursing you can add extra points because of it. I followed weight watchers off and on when I was nursing. I ended up adding only half of my nursing points so I would continue to loose.

  3. How exciting to actually be able to get out on your own propery. And you saved the best photo for last. It looks like you’re rearing a very happy little girl. If you’re used to being outdoors I’m sure you feel like you’ve got a bad case of cabin fever when the weather is so cold. I remember that my mother let us play outside in all kinds of weather and we were strong and healthy. My cousin’s mother made her stay inside and she was always getting sick. Hard to know when cold is too cold, isn’t it?

  4. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Ooh – how exciting!!!! It’s great to see it happening before your very eyes! I love driving by our new property. Even though we’re still 4 1/2 months away from breaking ground, it’s just fun to look at it and think of what will be. I can understand and share your excitement. I enjoyed the pictures. Keep them coming!

  5. We live on 20 acres and bought it when it was uncultivated and overgrown. So clearing out a place for a house and digging a driveaway – that was all my hubby. I am so happy for you! I remember the feeling I got when I drove on our gravel driveaway for the first time too! There is something so wonderful about owning your own property, isn’t there?

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