Fun Monday: Beating the blues

Church Lady is our hostess for Fun Monday this week. She asks: How do you beat the doldrums when you are stuck in the house either because it is too cold or too hot outside? Do you read? Cook? Complete a home improvement project? Watch movies? Scrapbook? Please share your ideas.

It’s never too hot outside. Going outside when it’s really hot just makes your skin sweat out all the impurities. I highly recommend (as well as sunscreen and water!). Up until our baby was born, we were going out in any kind of weather, so as not to be stuck inside. Before I knew for sure I was pregnant (but had a good idea), I was chipping through about 5 inches of ice on our driveway in Iowa. For several hours at a time. When it crested freezing, we celebrated by heading to the store with no coats on. I always say that’s why our girl is so tough! Since then, though, we’ve had some days/weeks/winters where unless it’s necessary, we haven’t gotten her out. Mostly, I play on the internet. If I can sneak in a few chapters of a book while she’s napping, awesome! I do like to cook, but I hate the mess, so the big meals and such are few and far between. Mostly we fix low fuss/clean up stuff.

Basically, I haven’t been able to do much of anything lately (it’s cold here, and it supposed to snow 4-7 inches in the next 2 days). Basically life will be as normal. We will get out to the store and walk around, make that our ‘outing’. We will continue to work on the house planning, even if it seems like we’re stuck, this afternoon we went and grabbed a sample of the counter top and some paint chips to compare them for the kitchen. I’m sure we’ll be calculating drywall and insulation the next couple of nights, too, to see how far our tax return is going to get us. When it warms up enough that my husband thinks that the baby can be out, we’re going out to our property and walking, again. We spent about an hour walking Saturday, checking out the progress, and even drove down our new driveway for the first time! I guess since it’s not something the baby can tear down, mess up, dump or get into, getting out of the house, even if it seems too hot or cold is what we do. We’re anxiously awaiting the construction to be finished so we are no longer stuck in town, with everyone else who is stuck, off of school, and in general making a racket. It will be peaceful and quiet and we can shut the door on any projects we have, put on some snow clothes, and play outside until we’re worn out, then come in for a long winter’s nap. Can you see me making a snow angel? Okay, so it will be spring probably before we get it, but a girl can dream, right?


  1. Is your husband over protective by any chance? ha ha…
    waiting until he “thinks that the baby can be out.” Cute.

    I think I’m like you when it comes to cooking. I like to cook, but not clean up. Also, I get discouraged when I can’t find an ingredient in my cupboard.
    When I stopped to comment on Grace’s post I started laughing because when I read the instructions it made me think “Beat the Doll Drums.”
    I think I’ll write a book and make that the title.

  2. I love cooking and see it as a form of relaxation. As for cleaning up? doing it as I go along helps keep it under control.
    With a youngster around you’re probably lucky if you get any time for yourself.

  3. I’m not a cook either. I’d rather spend my time doing something that can be kind of freestyle, something I make up as a I go along. Believe me, cooking is not that thing – it usually turns out inedible. Tearing apart and rebuilding furniture or houses though… That really kick starts my imagination!

  4. First of all – love the pics of your property/driveway and house site! You must be excited. It looks very secluded with lots of room for the babe to run and play!

    It is good that you don’t let the “too hot” or “too cold” weather keep you in. You are busy enough just being a Mom.

  5. Nice property there! And yes I can see you making loads of angels in the snow! I think its about time I tried that myself. I have only seen snow once when I was around 10 years old and it was pretty dry at the time so not much fun. Must head inland in winter! LOL

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