Cloth Diaper Carnival: Laugh, Dance, Cloth Diaper

This month’s carnival is about trying to get modern cloth diapers noticed by the media. Specifically, the Ellen show. I am one of the few not on twitter, so I can’t send the tweet out like most people are, so I’m adding my 2 cents the only way I can, by blogging about them!

If you would like to join in the carnival, click here!

Dear Ellen,

I’d love for the modern cloth diaper to be featured on your show. You reach a huge audience (after all, your goal is for world domination!) and that kind of spotlight is just what cloth diapers need. In this inherently more disposable world, we’ve forgotten that sometimes the old way to do things is the most simple, the most earth conscious and least expensive! As a nation, our disposable diaper companies are even marketing to some 3rd world countries, which are ill equipped to handle the disposal. Every disposable diapered baby puts up to 2 tons of unnecessary diaper garbage into our landfills. By the time it gets there, it’s plastic wrapped in plastic wrapped in plastic and will probably not biodegrade for, well, forever. Cloth diapers are also cute, convenient, and did I mention cute? The names are even cute: Bum Genius, Happy Heinys, and Rumparooz, just to name a few. Besides solid colors, they also come in patterns and in various types and forms to meet the modern mom’s needs. Most¬† day cares and babysitters, if shown, will use cloth diapers with no problems!¬† It’s no more work to wrap up a disposable in a garbage sack than to drop a cloth diaper in a wetbag. There are even biodegradable and compost-friendly options out there. No more moms running to the store because they just used their last one, if you see you’re running low, you just toss them in the wash! That means more cuddle time, less stress, and a healthier, more ‘green’ baby! I’ve even heard that cloth diapered babies potty train sooner, and as you can see below, wearing cloth hasn’t slowed my little one’s development. She can crawl, walk, and play with the best of them! I apologize in advance for the extreme cuteness!

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