15 months

At fifteen months, my girl has a hard head. She’s not afraid to fall, she’s not afraid of anything. She squeals ‘puppy’ and tackles the 85 lb black labs at my parents house. She inquisitively pokes the bark on a tree and the long weeds and blades of grass at our property. She explores. She cries. She screams. She signs ‘more’ ‘drink’ ‘more’ and says ‘please’. She gives dirty looks. For strangers, she will pout/frown and then once she’s gotten a reaction, she will smile. I’m not sure where she got that, but it wasn’t from me! She will give HUGE hugs. To us. Other people take a while. Not the dogs. Please say a silent prayer that those dogs continue to be patient with her. We have already started ‘pat them gently’ and although she doesn’t understand, we’re working on it. They are very good dogs to put up with her! She does eventually give good hugs. If you ask for a kiss, expect a bop in the mouth with her forehead. We don’t kiss on the lips here. Doesn’t stop her from kissing her stuffed animals (eating their faces), but she has figured out not to give us wet willies! She wants to help do chores. She wants you to blow her bubbles in the bathtub. She loves taking a bath and brushing her teeth. Don’t try to do laundry without her, that’s just wrong! She wants to go outside, ALL THE TIME! She’s growing up. I do kind of miss each stage as she grows out of it, but there’s so much to explore, so much to learn that it makes my heart glad. I’m her mommy, and no one can take that away! (click link below)

Billy Goat Gruff, Crossing Bridge. Look Out Troll!

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