The sickies, continued

Keeley is REALLY sick now. Bad diapers, not keeping food down. Doesn’t help that Matthew and I are sick too, but not with the same thing. Luckily, my nose is stuffy, but it doesn’t help that I had to dunk the diaper twice in the toilet, then rinse it in the tub and then rinse is 2 times in the washing machine before the stink went away. Of course, this was the first leak we had ever have, she must have done it as soon as she woke up, and it was a line about half an inch long that leaked out onto her pj pants from the top, I think they had rolled under her diaper and then pulled the yuck out when I picked her up. It didn’t get the sheets, but it was time to do laundry anyway (both diapers and her clothes). Since I have a rigid scheme with which I do diapers, and she had the issue with the first diaper of the new batch, that’s why I had to do all that to it, because I wasn’t going to mix it up with the other batch. It’s a Jill thing, just don’t ask. Needless to say, I cleaned her up the best I could, then stuck her in the tub standing up and washed her, front, back, and middle, rinsed her, dried her, got her dressed and then dealt with the diaper. She got some water and yarfed that. However her breast milk from this morning had stayed down. She wanted breakfast, so she had an egg, which I had already cooked before the water came up, and some applesauce, hoping the applesauce would keep the egg she kept signing for down.

This is her first real illness, and it does NOT help that it comes about a week before her doctor’s appointment, where I was hoping she would have gained some weight. Poor thing. She is being very good, though, and is napping, which is where I am heading, after I turn the washer back on.


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Oh, I hope this doesn’t last long! It’s always sad when your baby is sick, miserable when you’re sick, and SO much worse when you’re ALL sick!!! Good luck with all of it. When my kids are sick, all food rules go out the window, and if they’ll happily eat (and keep down) crackers, that’s what they eat, even if it’s for a few days. Just keep getting some fluids into her. If she won’t drink much or keep it down, you may have to try the pedialyte. Or, if she’s like my kids, once they started eating “real” food, they rejected pedialyte and we have to move to Gatorade. Hope you got your nap in.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re all sick! I hated it when my boy was sick. For a while, he was sick a lot with alternating strep and ear infections. Not fun. If Keeley won’t drink, perhaps she’d lick/chew on a popsicle or pedialyte frozen treat? That’s how I got my boy to take something in. If she’s teething too, there’s that little extra bonus of gum-numbing coolness.

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