Fun Monday: A room of one’s own

Jan is the hostess for Fun Monday this week! She wants to know: What is our favorite room in our house?

Well, our house is still being built, so I don’t have a favorite yet. I am thinking that EVERY room in our new house is going to be my favorite, however, I will really like having my own kitchen to do what I want with, and our own bathroom to ourselves, with a spare or two in case we both have to ‘go’ at once!

I will also love our new pantry/laundry room/mudroom, which adjoins the kitchen! Yeah! Tons of space, and no hiding the washer and dryer behind doors, plus, far away from bedrooms, so if I have to change out the laundry, it won’t interrupt nap time! I can finally stock a huge pantry and keep dirty shoes out of the rest of the house! Oh and we will have a coat closet for the first time! Ever!

I am looking forward as well to bedrooms that don’t adjoin, so mommy and daddy can get a little peace, a rest from the lullabies, and well, other fun things 🙂

Once our upstairs is done, I will love the dormers in the rooms upstairs, with window seats underneath! They will make perfect spots for kiddo to hang out and read on a sunny afternoon.

I will love a garage so the vehicles aren’t coated with ice, or wet, or hot! Sigh. Mostly I will love that my family will finally be in it’s own place, away from excess noise and the ridiculousness we have put up with in the last few months.

I will love it all!


  1. I am SO excited for you!!! I’d love to build my own house someday to my own specifications – with dormers and window seats!!!! I came close once, when we owned land (and a mobile home) in Wakulla, but then the parents and in-laws started having health issues, and we realized we needed to be in town to deal with them. I suppose once they are gone, we’ll be headed back out of town!

  2. Of all the exciting spaces you’ll have in your new home I’m most envious of the pantry. I’d love to not go to the grocery story but once a month. Cook from a well-stocked pantry instead. Also like the dormer window with reading benches. Every child needs a private reading spot. I’ve lived in apartments and duplexes before. You can’t imagine how private you’ll feel to just have your family under one roof.

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