New baby? New way to register!

Having a new baby? Creating a baby registry at several stores? Wish you had just one place to send your Aunt Mable, your sister Sarah and your friend from California, to see all your registry items at once? Now you can! Oh yeah, and it’s free.

Amazing Registry has updated their site, and you can do a baby or wedding registry, with awesome stores such as Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids, Target and Amazon. com, The Land of Nod, and so much more. Most people only register at one or two stores, but this way, all your guests can see all the items in one place, including full color pictures, and see what’s been purchased. Love that one particular children’s book you can not find in a regular store? No problem! You can even add items from other stores that do not currently share data with the Registry. How does it work? You go to any of the stores and register, and then sync your registries to the website once you get home. Simple as that. They even link to coupons, so your guests can save more (and buy more for you!) I checked it out, and you can even print a little card from the site to go into your invitations that gives your guests the website, no more passing along information that people might have a hard time finding at each individual store (if you live out of state or your name is hard to spell). I wish I had this, living in Iowa, when we were expecting. Future brides or expectant moms: Check it out!


  1. Jane

    I used for my baby registry and it was really convenient. Instead of just adding a bunch of registries from different stores to one place, this website it the actual place you register–and it lets you add whatever you want from any store (even ones that don’t have a website). I ended up registering at a local store that sells these really cute one of a kind handmade onesies this way, and I didn’t have to choose between just the big baby stores.

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