Fun Monday: 2010, Looking Forward

A lot of us choose to look back at the beginning of the year, see my post HERE (WARNING! Cute baby pictures!) for a revamp of 2009! Mariposa is asking us for Fun Monday to look FORWARD.  She says:  I know most of you probably have their list of New Year’s resolution, I’m not going to ask for those. What I’m interested to know are the things you are looking forward to this year. It could be an event, a date, or anything. You can add photos if you want!

Well, I tell you that I have a LOT to look forward to this year! Eh hmm…

A new house! Yes! Finally we are getting somewhere with buying a house. We have property purchased through a construction loan, and our end loan should be well on it’s way to completion. All it takes is a final appraisal of the house to be all set. The house is being completed in a factory (don’t think it’s junk, it’s not), the business is rated A+ by BBB and is okay by the VA Loan, which is super hard to get, so we are VERY pleased.  Anyway, we are #2 on the list! Yeah! The foundation is not getting started yet, that’s a pickle, as it’s been too freaking wet to get started, and now it needs to just FREEZE so we can get started. Either way, hopefully we can hide some colorful Easter eggs in the grass for Keeley to find at our new place, in our new HOUSE!

That being said, I look forward to peace and quiet, even if it comes with the woes of home ownership and a mortgage. I look forward to decorating our own spaces, knowing that our home is safe and letting Keeley roam free without anyone being disturbed (more than usual 😉 that is)…

I look forward to Holidays where we could INVITE people over! Guest room! 2 Bathrooms! A laundry area and pantry and coat area!

I also look forward to filling that space with love. With saying ‘I’m going home’ and REALLY meaning it. With being able to think about the future in solid terms, because we know where we are settled. Looking forward to my husband’s pay raise, (tee hee), to potty training, to a sweet little miss instead of a diapered, nursing baby. I’m not rushing her, but happy to see her grow at her own pace! I’m looking forward to dreaming again, having a place to really cook, spread out projects without having to clean up the instant something else needs to be done, to quiet nights where our room is across the hall from Keeley’s not connected to it, where we can watch tv or do whatever else without disturbing her  (get your minds out of the gutter)…

In short, I’m looking forward to dreams really coming true!


  1. my advice .. (you did ask didn’t you? ha ha)
    — never skimp. Always do everything right the first time when you’re doing stuff in or around the house. Believe it — in the long run, doing it the best way is the cheapest way.

  2. Oh that is so nice! I do hope everything goes smoothly. I am so with you about hosting your party and all. It will be of all worth it I’m sure!

    I’d love to read posts about it soon!

    Thanks for playing, and have a great week!

  3. That is wonderful news, Jill! I can feel the excitement in your writing. I do hope you will share all of this with your readers! Best of luck to you in your new house venture!

  4. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    It’s finally almost here. Yea!!!!!! So happy for you guys and can’t wait to hear all about how great the new digs are!!

  5. I love having my own space! As you know (if you visit my blog with any regularity), I love doing home improvement and painting! Rentals or staying with relatives just can’t give you the opportunity to make the space yours. I am so excited for you!

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