A good read, a good giveaway

Jenni at the Foster Family is doing a giveaway.  Actually, she has her own giveaway blog, which I have subscribed to in a reader now! I have been following her girls, Audrey and Natalie, who were born 3 weeks before Keeley, since she was pregnant and worried about the pregnancy going to term. Both of our pregnancies made it to 36 weeks, although her babes were much smaller than mine when born. I love reading about them and have found some awesome tips from her, like buying one of those canisters with mini m&m’s in it, it makes the perfect rattle! Also she linked to an awesome dress, which she thought about buying for her girls, and she got a different one instead, but I got the one she was thinking about, at an even bigger discount than the awesome grab she found, which I think is really cool. She turned me on to Gymboree clothes, they have ORANGE! Anyway, point is, I’ve been watching her blog and her kids grow and have seen her giveaway blog begin as well.

Today’s giveaway is from Shoals Creek farm, a local producer of body products, from, goats milk! Neat, huh? Anyway, I am always in the market for a freebie and I have my eyes on some lotions for my nieces if I win! Be sure to visit and enter to win (you have to create a blog post on this one to enter!)

Don’t forget to visit Jen’s girls here! Interested in the products but don’t have a blog or want to enter the giveaway? Visit SCF here!

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