14 months plus a little

Well on Christmas Eve, Keeley turned 14 months. We went to church back home and Keeley celebrated God’s love wearing her new pajamas. They are purple with owls. After purchasing said pajamas, found out that purple is a new ‘good’ color for 2010, at least in women’s clothes, and that owls and other creatures of the night/mysterious creatures are ALL the rage in kids clothes. Woohoo for me being ahead of the curve!

What else is new for month 14? We’re working on signing ‘drink’, nursing is slowing down (today was only upon waking at 6 am and at 1:30 pm so far), and 2 more teeth (top) came through on New Year’s Eve night. So far we haven’t been able to successfully use a utensil on our own, but if it’s loaded, she gets it to her mouth and hands it back, notice hands, not throws it down! We’ve had to start saying no: no you can’t have the scissors/box of kleenex to shred/computer component to eat… When she saw my parents puppies, (80 lb labs), she said Puppies! So apparently she has the word, she only USES it for real dogs, not stuffed ones or just because you ask her to. Her walking is improving a lot, unless she falls or doesn’t have a spot to pull up on, she stays on her feet a LOT! It’s becoming her favorite mode of transportation.

Body parts are becoming more clear, she won’t answer about ‘nose’, but if you tell her not to rub her nose if she sneezes, her hands are RIGHT there. Go figure. She tries to put her socks and shoes on, at least knows where they go. She helps us get her coat on (hates her mittens) and knows if we say we’re going to the store, or going outside, or going bye bye, then she points to the door. More dancing to the radio on her own, and has taken to petting puppies if given enough time having seen them on tv. Yes, our tv is now covered with graham cracker crumbs.

Our new vacuum is getting a good workout, as her independence with eating increases, so does the mess on the floor! Last night she took a spill or six, and bit her lip. That was pleasant. A little ‘awing’ and some special time in front of the mirror with her ‘toothbrush’ and all was well again. So far she just chews on the rubber ‘infant gum stimulator’, although she would definitely chew on a toothbrush if it was given to her. Our dentist doesn’t recommend toothpaste yet, so the stimulator it is.  She LOVES that thing! I think it’s a ‘big’ thing. She tries to comb her hair, too, working on the ‘skills’ that she’ll need soon.

She walks all over with her walker she got for Christmas, even turning it around, reversing direction, and so forth, and daddy has relinquished his mp3 player with screen for her to use as a ‘phone’. We RARELY talk on the phone, but apparently she feels a need to have one, so there it is, no cost to us and if it dies, well you recharge it and the pretty lights come back on. Another quick fun thing is that she has learned to push a tractor/car/vehicle across the room on her hands and knees in the last couple of days. She loves taking a bath and shows real joy at the idea of getting one. She even helped with laundry the other day.

putting diapers in dryer

Putting Diapers in Dryer

Her smiles are huge, but so are her frowns. Very expressive. Please is her favorite word right now.  She pleases for everything, from shoes and feet (what IS it with feet?) to drinks, chocolate! and whatever we are holding/touching/eating/doing. Even the vacuum cleaner! Again, with the vacuum!

Last but not least, my mom had a birthday this week, and we made her a cake!

First beater licking!

She got a mass quantity of $3 pjs at Black Friday in 24 month size. The boys are HUGE and will definitely fit next year. The girls are long in the pants but okay in the tops. We may mix and match by next year and get along okay. PJS shown are boys ‘Cars’ pjs. We don’t really LIKE things with specific characters on them, but $3 pjs are hard to come by. She now even has princess and dora, whatever those are.


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Love hearing all Miss K is up to. She’s learned quite a lot – very worldly!

    Seriously don’t know who Dora is? I hadn’t ever watched her prior to having kids, but definitely knew who she was. Guess I worked in the schools and day care, too, though. I hope you don’t get to know her REALLY well eventually, because she’s kind of annoying. But not like Barney.

    Dancing to the radio – we have the cutest video of Jacob dancing to Stevie Wonder at the 4th of July celebration on TV when he was 14 months old. Hysterical! Hope she rewards you with more shows!

    Toothbrush- Brushing teeth is good, as soon as they get them. Either no toothpaste (flouride’s the problem, I imagine you know) or they have baby toothpaste. Safe to swallow. And the kids love to swallow it. So I would say plain toothbrush, but start brushing those toothies as soon as she gets ’em! Lauren has her first dentist appointment next month. We’ll see how that goes.

    The cake picture of the two of you is really good.

    Quite the helper you’ve got!

    It’s awesome that her language is taking off. It’ll save a lot of frustrations as you go along. Can’t wait to hear her say “Stacy!”

    love to all!

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