Fun Monday Christmas Decoration

fun_monday_logo_jpg+largeGattina is our hostess for Fun Monday this week. She says: Take a picture of one Christmas ornament which you love the most, explain why, and if you don’t have any explanations it’s also OK. For those who haven’t celebrated Christmas, just take a picture of something else you love as decoration.

Well, the only photos we have are of a bit larger decoration for our tree this year. It doesn’t stay there the whole time, though. I’m sure you can see why it’s a favorite!

Keeley in front of tree 2009

Keeley in front of tree 2009


  1. A skin baby decoration! I’ll bet that’s the best thing you’ve ever decorated with.

    Happy New Year to you and your little family, Jill. I hope 2010 is good to you.

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