O Christmas Tree

All gifts 2009

All gifts 2009

You can see with the arrangements we made that all the gifts didn’t fit under the tree, these were for family and friends, Keeley didn’t have a whole lot, but we decided that we’d take it easy this year, before the hopefully eventual move and while she’s still young enough, to appreciate just a few things and not be overloaded. We had shopped for some games and DVDs on BFriday so we appreciated those and Keeley got us each a gift, I got the newest Harry Potter movie on DVD and daddy got a nice warm shirt for work. We got a couples ornament to share.

Don’t worry, when we get a new toilet, tub and sink for our new house, THAT will be Christmas for us! When our camera charges, we’ll share some pictures of her 14 month birthday, Christmas pajamas, Christmas dress and more!

Love from all of us, Matthew, Jill and Keeley 🙂


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    My in-laws got a new TV (for fun) and a new furnace (out of necessity – Miss L’s room did not have any heat) 2 weeks before Christmas, and there were bows on each of them. We held off on the gifts (mostly, anyway) this year for each other, with the house starting this summer. Just think Jill, every time you and I tinkle once we both move, we can say “Merry Christmas to me!” Won’t it be nice to have a gift that you use that often, all year long? Looking forward to the Keeley pics, and congrats to her on the walking! She’s right at the age Jacob was when he decided it was better than crawling. Love to all!

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