Fun Monday: Holiday Snail Mail

Well, I am a little late posting this, as Keeley did not sleep at all yesterday (unless 5 minutes in the car counts, at 9:30 am before 10 am church, or from town to my parents house, which I don’t think it does).. so basically a 12 hour day for our munchkin, she slept on our way home around 7:30, a quick wake up for a diaper, and until 530 this morning, another hour, and then up for a while and now back down, even the doorbell ringing didn’t wake her up, needless to say, since we got home so late after our Christmas festivities, I uh, forgot it was Monday!

fun_monday_logo_jpg+largeFaye at Summit Musings is our hostess and she says: Take a look at the cards, letters, and photos that you’ve received this year and share them. Possible categories: Best All Around Card, Most Meaningful Message, Best Kid/Pet Photo, Best Family Newsletter, Most Humorous Card. And if you don’t do holiday greetings by mail, how do you send out your messages?

Well, we didn’t send out any cards last year, and so it seems several people have ignored us. Sorry, we had a newborn. This year I sent out 99% of what I had left from a couple of years ago, when I hand stamped them, a few I have yet to finish, all my volunteer work has taken up what time I did have for cards! I did receive a few this year. Next year, we may just send out a letter and picture.

Best kid picture: The Kinners. Farm kid in overalls next to his family farm sign and the photo card has a ’52 Ford truck hauling a Christmas tree. Awesome.

Best Family Letter: The Wolfmeyers. I love hearing about what their kids are learning or doing.

Neatest Card: Grandma Cotton. They ordered them pre-printed with their names on it, and it’s a fold out card, and it sort of ‘welcomes’ you to their home, and she took the time to hand write a note, which is nice.

Saddest Card: From my friend Jackie, her dog died, her other dog is sick, her brother died, and they live in fear of her husband losing his job. Overall, not a good time for them.

Prettiest Card: Goes to my mom, who snagged some Thomas Kinkade cards, with a sleigh being pulled by a horse up to a well-lit church through the sparkling snow. Hers also has the best message: Wishing you the comfort of His love, the joy of His salvation, and the peace of His presence. It really lifted me up today.


Here is an image from TK website, this is the image that the card was made from.

WHY do all the cards have glitter?I swear I won’t get rid of it for a month, it’s everywhere! Well, that’s all I’ve got for you! See you next Monday?!?


  1. I think some of my friends will be cursing me as some of my cards had glitter on them this year!!

    How sad for your friend, this is not going to be a very happy time for her.

    I hope you have a really lovely Christmas. I’ve got Beccy and co coming next Monday so not sure if I will be joining in FM. Depends on the topic!

  2. I did not send out cards last year either…we had Christmas in Fl. and it confuses people as to where to send us a card, so I didn’t send any. This year I sent out a photo card of my family. It is fun to get cards in the mail..but I think its really fading out. Merry Christmas to you n yours Jill.

  3. Ouch! Sleep deprived baby. No wonder you’re feeling a bit stretched today Jill. Last year I didn’t send cards either and wondered whether there would be any this year. Luckily my friends have decided to give me one more year to reform. I’m getting a good picture in my mind of the farm kid and his truck. I’ll bet it was a winner/ Tomorrow I’m buying a Thomas K. calendar for my sister. She loves him.

    If we don’t blog-chat again before Christmas, I hope you and your family have a joyful holiday, Jill. And, all the best in 2010.

  4. I love Thomas Kincade! I think your idea for a newsletter and photo of Keeley would be a wonderful idea for next year! Your family and friends will love it!

  5. You read what I think about Christmas cards. I only feel sorry that I was born too early, with the means today and a newborn I would have emailed selfmade cards to everybody ! We are all so close now thanks to Internet.

  6. Ah… glitter cards. The gift that keeps on giving!

    I have an aunt who for a while included various kinds of confetti in all her notes and cards…Pretty cool at first, but then I kept finding those tiny palm trees all over my house.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Christmas cards. I have managed to miss out on sending cards for a few years now… and I don’t have the newborn excuse. I’m just busy. Really, really busy. You are too.

  7. I chose not to send cards this year. I feel a little guilty as some come in, but I’m trying to focus in on those I’m closest to and there’s just only so much to go around.

  8. Stacy

    I agree about the Kinners! Too cute! And thank you for the picture of Keeley. That kiddo has changed so much since the last picture I had. I think a note and a picture card is the way to go. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it gives the people what they want – an update on the family and a pic of the little cutie! Merry Christmas!

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