On the first day of Christmas

One tradition I like to keep up is going to church throughout advent. I miss our home church, but the local one is okay. This past week I had to go by myself because Keeley refused to go back to sleep and therefore was ready for a nap just in time for church. Matt stayed home and ?

There was a children’s program, one kid read scripture while the others just moved around a bit, not really fancy, but everyone got to parade, which I guess they figured was the important thing.

The sermon that day was on blockheads and angels. How the shepherds watching their flocks were considered to be uninspired people ‘blockheads’ by most, compared to the fancy churchgoers of the day, and yet they watched over the very lambs that were the sacrifice those churchgoers, and the angels chose to visit THEM. The common people. The everyday person. He also talked about the so-called war on Christmas, about people not saying Merry Christmas anymore, and all images of Christ disappearing from decorations in stores. However, he explained that it was just a red herring, a way to throw people off, there’s no way to take someone’s religion or beliefs away, you have to show them, and share them with others. Be the one to say Merry Christmas. What about you? Would YOU be offended if someone said Happy Hanukkah to you? Of course not. You’d appreciate the sentiment and feel a little special because someone took the time to appreciate YOU. The preacher segued into 10 things you could do this holiday season to keep the Christ in Christmas. One of them was going to church on Sunday, guests included! We will be guests next Sunday when we visit family and our home church, and I can’t wait!



  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the church. I can definitely tell that you were childless, since you actually KNEW what the sermon was about. We’re finally getting to the point where I can sometimes pay attention to Pastor and not to the kids. Although now we’re starting going to the potty during the sermon with Lauren, so I’m back to missing out on some again. I hope you enjoyed your alone time, too.

  2. One of the better email forwards I’ve gotten lately was written as though Christ had written it and was basically asking everyone to chill out about the Merry Christmas thing – like we shouldn’t necessarily be offended if people want to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas and that we can go right on saying Merry Christmas without making a big deal about it. It was like, “Just treat each other with love, yo, and quit your fussing.” Though I seriously doubt Christ ever said yo. Ahem.

  3. love the Christmas programs — got to see some with my grandkids this year.

    Christmas Eve candlelight service is what makes Christmas real.

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