Keeley update

Well, on the physical front, she’s taken a couple of steps, but just between the 2 of us sitting on the floor, still trying to hold on, so it’s not like she just got up and walked or anything. That still seems to be pretty far away. I guess we will see.

Developmentally, we are finally responding to body parts: hair, belly, and toes.

We also now have added: basketball and sheep to our known toys. I might point out she has known ‘books’ probably for the longest. She knows where the mistletoe jingle bell is and points to it so she can ring it. She also pointed out the Christmas tree today. I asked her and she giggled and pointed to it!  She will go to the door and try and get it open to indicate she wants to go for a walk. She also follows me to the bathroom. Exciting, I know. She can also understand what ‘bath’ means, and regularly says please to indicate a drink, food, snack, breakfast and lunch, milk, etc. By milk I mean nursing. She gets ‘moo juice’ occasionally at meals but alternately gulps it or spits it out. Doesn’t really seem like she cares either way.

She intentionally blows raspberries on us and does a raspberry thing just with her lips, I try and copy it and it makes my lips tingle/tickle so I’m not sure exactly what she’s doing, but her lips are pressed together.

She also found out that some of her shape sorter shapes have holes in them, and that they whistle if you blow/suck air into them.

She has started crying for having poopy pants. Hopefully that is a good sign.

Today she helped me put her diaper inserts into the dryer (clean, duh). That was kind of interesting. She typically ‘helps’ me fold clothes by pulling them out of the basket all over the floor or pulling stacks of folded clothes to the floor. Cute, no? Well, sometimes not!

This week she has started doing a ‘touchdown’ type of indication, which we lap for. Not sure what it means, but we say touchdown, and it started after a ball game, so maybe that’s where it came from.

She actually got to NAP today. Our upstairs neighbors were gone until Matthew got home and she was a nice baby by the time he got home because she got all her naps out!


  1. Naps are wonderful! Sounds like things are going well. Enjoy the raspberry stage while they are still for fun and not an insult ;-).

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