Fun Monday: Holiday song humbug

Cynical Girl is the hostess for Fun Monday and she says: What Christmas (or other holiday) song would you prefer never to hear again, and why? It could be one song in particular, or songs by a certain singer, or a version of a song you usually enjoy that grates on your nerves. We promise not to judge. It’s your chance to vent.

Remember, you promised not to judge!!!!! We have a station in our greater metro area that switches over and plays Christmas music 24/7 in October, I think. We listen to it off and on, however they seem to play a lot of the same songs over and over, and there’s one song that really bugs me.

I HATE really, really hate the ‘Christmas in Africa’ song. Apparently it was a top seller in the 1980’s and was a song for famine relief or something, but these days, it really REALLY seems racist and elitist. At least the version I hear, the only 2 verses I can actually understand are :

..and there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas

Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

Why does it bug me so much? I have no idea. Like, duh, of course there’s not snow in Africa. Morons. There wasn’t snow in the middle east, where Jesus was born, either. The cold weather, fur-wearing Santa was created as promotion for Coca-cola several decades ago. Living in the mid-west, we kind of take snow for granted as kids, but once you get a little older you realize that not everywhere is a 4-season temperate climate like your own. Also, there are Christians, who most likely celebrate in Africa, even if it’s not a $500 per kid toy bash or whatever. I’m sure there are some kids in the US, UK and in general around the world that don’t know it’s Christmas, either. By result of their location or parents choice.

Point is, I can’t stand it! What Christmas song drives you crazy? Stop by Cynical girl’s and see everyone else’s post!


  1. I agree with you Jill. All those big celebrity sing alongs for a cause have about run their course since “We are the World” started everything. Not sure how much good is done for children in Africa who don’t have snow at Christmas. More publicity for wannabe entertainers.

  2. I agree with Faye..celebrity songs that are done for money. Although I have to say…I like the melody of this song…sorry! Thanks for sharing and happy FM

  3. Even back in the ’80s the lyrics seemed clueless. I think fundraising songs can be wonderful, but once they’ve run their course, they should be retired. Good intentions don’t always make for good ideas.

    Thanks for playing!

  4. I think back in the 80’s a lot of people bought the song because it was to help a cause, it was never a hit with me even back then!

  5. I’ve never heard of anyone (or any group) that has benefited from these songs. I suppose there must have been some, somewhere?

    I agree with you that there are plenty here with us who don’t have enough. You can usually do the most good helping those closest.

  6. In French we only have the Christmas carols and no Christmas songs like the Americans and British. We don’t rock around the Christmas tree and don’t dream of a white Christmas either. But the music is nice so the shops and malls play English songs and people like it because they don’t understand the words anyway. If they would understand they wouldn’t like yours either ! and there is another horrible one which I heard here on a blog for the first time “Grandma was run over by a rendeer” or something like that, what a bad taste !

  7. Not fond of the giant celebrity sing-alongs. For whatever cause it’s for. For a bunch of singers, they don’t seem to mix very well – and they never have.

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