Stuff in our stockings…

So, we still don’t have broken ground yet, it’s rained too much, but if it freezes, they can probably go ahead. Oh boy. We need the culvert and rock in before it freezes, though because of the water. Come on sunshine and no rain!

For the house: we are at the top of the list, once we get approval back from the state for the house to be moved across state lines and on the roads.

Did I mention that the house was appraised in correctly and so they didn’t give us enough money to do the driveway?

For the driveway: We have to buy all that gravel out of our pockets. Our pockets aren’t that deep. Neighbors could let us have an easement across 30 yards of their property, if they do, it will cut our driveway in half, make it flat instead of downhill, and of course, save us money and hassle! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?

That’s about it for now. We’re biding our time. Best guess is February! Not much going to happen for us for Christmas this year, it’s going to be saved for gravel and finishing the upstairs of the house.

Oh and as a thank you for reading, here’s one of Keeley’s Christmas presents that will ‘top’ her stocking:



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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    The upside to being appraised for less than it should have been – less taxes! May even out in the end. Any word from the neighbors about the drive yet? I understand a little about not much for Christmas. Our kids are getting the full Christmas experience, but we are not doing anything for each other. That’s what happens when houses are looming in the near future!! At least Keeley is small enough that she won’t know if she gets lots or not or how much you spent or anything. She’ll probably be thrilled with the paper, even if it is wrapped around some socks, and enjoy the cookies more than anything!

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