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Got Keeley’s birthday thank you notes done. Finally, a month later. Ouch. I just never took the time. Until tonight, when at 8 pm, I was the only one awake. I write really long, expressive notes, so it takes a while.

Matthew is already ready for another baby. I kind of thought maybe waiting until potty training was done would be good. But, I am getting older. I’m already exhausted. Should we just keep going until I age out and assume that we’ll be happier with each new addition as we were with the first, no matter how tired? Wait until our house is done? Is it good to have them closer together or farther apart? Can I even handle a newborn now? Of course I can. I’ve done it before. I just didn’t have another one running around at the same time. Some people say it doubles the work, others say it makes it 200x the work.

I just remembered I have towels in the washer that need to go in the dryer. But, all the dishes are done (save a handful from dinner and Matt’s lunch), dishwasher unloaded, diapers clean, clothes clean, towels wet, but still clean, towels out for tomorrow, and husband who slumbered half the evening knows what he can take for lunch tomorrow. It’s a win/win/win around here.

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is over. They don’t have the winners announced yet. However, I did win one giveaway from a page on the hunt, and another weekly giveaway from a blog I read specifically because they give away diapers every Friday (see buttons on side of page). We feel pretty comfortable in going forward with cloth wipes as well, we just haven’t ordered them. We should have done it long ago. I love the few I won in another giveaway in July, but am not sure of the brand, and need to find that out!

Replaced all of Keeley’s smaller bibs with large ones from Wal-Mart, they will now cover her belly, not just her chest, so no smooshed food on front of clothing (sides don’t count!), we bought a boy pack and a girl pack, they say things like ‘wiggle’ and then have a worm underneath of them, ‘Lucky’ duck, ‘baby’ cake, etc. The only one I am leaving out is ‘stud’ muffin. I think that will be sent to someone with a boy baby. The rest were okay. Her baby washcloths for eating are now going to be replaced with a cheap jumbo pack of white washcloths from Wal-Mart. Yes, white, I know, but at least we know whose are whose then, and they’ll do the job without having to be rinsed repeatedly for one toast-with-jam session. Jam session, ha! She is getting ‘real’ towels and washcloths for Christmas to replace the hooded towels that are rapidly shrinking!

Everything seems to be moving forward, slowly, but forward.

We’re doing a lot of games and toys and such for our nieces and nephews Christmas, that will be fun to see them open, they’re in age range now from 9-14, we stop presents at 18, so the oldest will not get anything from the aunts and uncles, but he won’t have to buy anything, either. Odd, but it seems to work I guess.

I wish I wasn’t so tired. I picked up Keeley and danced with her and felt that peculiar tightening again in my belly. I’m pretty sure I have another hernia. I felt that too many times not to realize it. What am I supposed to do, though? I don’t think I could take another surgery, more pain, more time with Keeley not knowing why mommy won’t pick her up. Maybe when she’s walking and weaned it won’t be so bad, and maybe it’s just sore muscles, but.. what can I say? I’m still not feeling 100% after the last surgery.


  1. My babies are almost exactly six years apart. That worked wonderfully for me

    My sister in law had two in about 20 months. She loved it.

    I think it would be easier for you if you were in your house and not trying to move while PG….

    I hope you don’t have something wrong in your tummy again.

    I’m a big fan of separate washcloths and towels for the small one, babies make so many stains.

    You could have her just eat in a diaper then toss her in the tub….

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Of course you know that there is no magic number for an age gap. My sister and I were 6 years apart, and I didn’t like it. She was too little to be my friend and too big to be my cute little sis. It hasn’t been until the last couple of years that we finally have become close. You know that my kids are 22 months apart, and I think it was easier than had we had Lauren when Jacob was 3. He was a monster at 3. Well, several times a day, anyway. He hated baby cries at that age, so I can’t fathom what having a baby would be like. I would have had a 3rd by now (well, really I would have preferred to to be having a 3rd sometime between this past summer and this coming spring) but we had to wait until financially and house-wise we were a little more ready. So whatever you feel best, is what you need to do. Think about whether you only want one more or more, and let that be part of your guide. I know you want to be done by 35 for obvious reasons, so if you want just one more, you’ve got time to wait, but if you want 2 more, you should get on it. So I guess you and Matt need to decide that one! Although you can plan on 3, but always stop at 2.

    You will get more tired with 2. It will be harder, but Keeley will become significantly more independent in the next year, which will make a difference. You’ll also be able to stop worrying quite so much. Some days having two was not any harder than one, and other days is was horrible. That’s just how it is.

    I completely agree about getting into your new house before a 2nd (especially since it’s in the near future). Also, you aren’t finishing the upstairs yet, so you may want to wait on the next one until you are ready to do that, and move Keeley up. By the time she’s 2, if she’s had time to practice on steps, you shouldn’t have to worry horribly.

    As for washrags, I buy a cheap pack at walmart, and use them only for the kids until they still smell after washing. Then I pitch them. I dont’ care about stains, because that’s all they are for, and nobody sees them unless they wash off my kids. And they are different from my dishrags (even though that’s really what they are), so there is no confusion.

    One month is perfectly acceptable for thank you notes. I believe Miss Manners says you have 3 months.

    Hugs to you all!

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