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Okay so you’ve seen the cloth diapers before, but I won some recently. Actually I’ve won a few contests in the past 6 months and I’m grateful for that. Here’s the most recent, and actually, I really hope I win one of the big ones I’m entered in soon, if I do, I’m passing the winnings on to my friend E, who uses prefolds currently. Here’s one I won randomly through the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt. Yup, hunting for diapers. Actually it’s a cute little diaper that also looks like an owl, and there are a couple hundred sponsors, and some of them hide the icon better than others, but the general idea is that you can do a mini-hunt with clues or just one clue or the main page, but you ‘hide’ the icon, and then people (like me) go out and find it. See the icon I’m talking about here.  It’s pretty cute, they do one in May and November every year, and the whole point is to double whammy, expose cloth diaper freaks like me to never before heard of stores carrying everything from toys to hostess aprons, and get a chance to win daily, 2nd, 1st, extreme, and grand prizes. Well, one of the sponsors just happened to be hosting a mini-giveaway inside the hunt, and I WON! Check out the fluffy mail!

Tweedlebugs diaper, wetbag, baby legs, soap sample, diaper keychain.

Tweedlebugs diaper, wetbag, baby legs, soap sample, diaper keychain.

We’ve put the Tweedbugs into rotation, it’s a snap diaper, and we’d never had one of those before, at this point Keeley can’t undo snaps, the pro being unlike velcro she couldn’t rip it off the con being that we’ve heard sometimes snaps are harder to get to fit than velcro, because there’s no real room for error. The diaper keychain so far has been a chewtoy. We put the baby legs on today when we had a diaper oops (not watching the clock and got wet pants), and they kept her legs warm and dry until we got home, when again the diaper was so full she practically floated away.  The wetbag is what you put wet stuff in, this one is small, enough to poke a dry diaper and wipe into while you go out shopping, in case of emergency! Pretty neat!

This is not the first contest I’ve won, and actually, I won another last week, so I’ll post about that when the fluff comes in (should be tomorrow or Saturday!) 2 Rumparooz! Yup, like kangaroo. 2 more snap diapers. Sunshine yellow and lazy lime I think are the colors. As you can see the Tweedlebug is kind of a lazy limeish color as well, baby teal? Something. Anyway, just wanted to share my fluff with you!

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