I snort

It’s gonna take my brother ‘a couple of paychecks’ to come up with money for my mom’s Christmas gift, when I know for a fact she’s paying him good money, cash under the table to help tear their house apart for remodel. He’s been doing this, every night, several hours, and all weekend, all day long, for several weeks. How exactly is it that he’s short on cash, then? I wonder if I should call him on it, or just ignore it?

Also, I think it’s crap he’s being paid at all. But that’s just me. I’ve never asked for money for anything I’ve done. Neither has my husband.

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  1. I have a little sister like that. I have a big mouth, so I would probably say something . . . but it wouldn’t change anything. Sometimes just getting it out helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m sure you know the deal.

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