Looking forward to spring

Here at the mouse house, we prefer to be prepared. Knowing that Keeley’s birthday and Christmas would likely net some long sleeved items of clothing, we did serious recon in August and September. Summer clothing, mission, not so impossible. Most of the items, we picked up for $1. Some were $2.39, and a few were $3 (for a ‘whole’ outfit). The only iffy thing might be the ‘whole outfit’ ones, if they are too short in the stride, but we can pick up some extensioner things if need be. We scooped up a whole summer wardrobe (minus shorts, because I wasn’t sure what size, and pjs) including 4 sundresses for about $42 plus tax. Not bad. Want to see the loot?

Summer 2010 clothes

Summer 2010 clothes


  1. Valerie

    I love buying clothes for next season when they are on sale. It’s like Christmas for me. As they get older, it does get harder to know what size they are going to be. I think Amarah is pretty set when it comes to spring/summer. We even got her a cute little bathing suit.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I think it’s so fun, and so smart, to buy ahead. I’ve always done that with my kids. I’d much rather buy it and store it than pay full price – or even sale price! – for anything. And you know that they can use certain things in every size – jeans, sweatshirts, a few t-shirts, a couple long sleeves, tennis shoes, spring and fall weight jackets, socks. I have really cleaned up in Kohls, Penneys, and Children’s Place.

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