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From today until December 4th you can….

Go here, now! Do it! Make your comments and try for a cloth diapering package. What do you have to lose? Want the scoop? This would seriously give you at least half of what you need to cloth diaper your baby from birth to potty training, and if you win, it’s free, of course!

-Gro Baby “HALF” Cloth Diaper Package

  • (6) Gro Baby One Size Diaper Systems (Waterproof Shell, Snap-In Soaker & Booster)
  • (3) Gro Baby Snap In Soaker Refill Packs (Packages contain 2 ea. refills.)
  • (1) Gro Baby Booster Pad Pack (Packages contain 2 ea. boosters)

This gives you a total of (6) Waterproof Shells, (12) Soakers, and (8) Boosters

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