Great horned owl

I heard a great horned owl this morning. He/she was sitting in the tree outside our apartment building. After my husband left for work, I thought maybe I was breathing too deeply and whistling out my nose, but usually it’s a whistle, so I was confused. Then, I realized it was an owl and was perfectly still, listening for an impossible number of who-who-ho-hos until I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to get up and find out what kind of owl it was.

Also did you know there’s a superstition if you hear an owl that someone close to you is going to die? I hate that particular one. It’s probably not any more significant than an e-mail chain letter, but still. Shudder.

I did love the beauty of the lonely sound, though. It would definitely be something I could sleep to, if I could sleep. Maybe I’ll grab a catnap this afternoon. If only owls hooted during the day.. who-who..

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