First solo bath and one of those days

Today has been one of those days, this week has been one of those weeks. I hadn’t ever given Keeley a solo bath, I’d given her a sponge bath, but not a total ‘head to toe’ bonanza, usually I leave that for daddy to help with. He’s good at the carry and buff. But today she’d already wet through the diaper we put on her overnight, and she has her doctor’s appointment, so I figured I’d go it alone. Water temp was good, towel in arm’s reach. She was still a handful, but we made it, and I just put her feet on the floor and buffed her really well instead of trying to carry her sopping wet to where we change her normally.

Who knew she’d be happier that way? Unfortunately, though, she peed through another diaper today so her cutesy clothes had to go in the wash in favor of more cutesy clothes. Oh well. Just made me wash her clothes again (2 sets of sheets helps fill out a load)… so.. anyway…

Well, as predicted, more screaming because mommy’s on the computer and not focusing ALL on Keeley, so have to go. Before she breaks anything (including herself) 3 desk-related injuries yesterday. OSHA would so kick my arse if I was a work at home mom!

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I never liked bathing the kids alone until they were about Keeley’s age and able to stand and hold on to the side. Drying off was MUCH nicer once I thought to do it that way. Mark worked so much that I did baths alone over half the time. I HATED handling a slippery baby. The worst was picking them up to wash their bums before they could stand, but if you take a handtowel and put that over your arm, it’s easier to pick them up and hold them over your arm without them sliding against your skin. Keeley’s a load – I know how that is!! – so do what you can to stand her up and have her hold on to the side of the tub to keep her balance. Then holding with one hand and washing with the other is pretty safe.

    Very glad the vaccine thing turned out okay. Perhaps not great, but not bad, either.

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