Tomorrow’s the big day!

I can’t believe my baby will be one tomorrow! Okay, I can. I really can. She’s grown up so much from the squishy, jaundiced lump of mush that we had to finger feed into the robust nurser, table food eater who can stand on her own two feet, if you trick her by getting her to clap for you!

She looks so different, although her hair and eyes are much the same as I expected them to be (no sense in willing it to be red, red highlight is all we’re going to get, and I guess I’m okay with that), and I’m pleasantly pleased, if tired of hefting her tall and heavy arse around.

Her social flutterbyness is wonderful. For the most part, she seems to pretty much like everyone, although she does give pretty much everyone a very slow, methodical assessment and looks to us for guidance before accepting someone new, which is good. She smiles a lot more readily at other people, and in particular seems to like other kids, which is nice, staying at home with me all day doesn’t really lead to much social interaction, except the grocery store.

She loves going for walks, the other day it was warm and every time I tipped her back (pop a wheelie in the stroller), she had the biggest grin on her face. It rained all day yesterday and coupled with the bad weather blues/feeling, it was impossible to take her out, so I don’t think she was very happy. Not sure what’s going to happen when it’s zero outside. I can’t feasibly take her for a walk in that. Not unless we get her some snow pants and glue her shoes to her feet. That’s an interesting concept.

Her baths are more fun for her now, instead of screaming until we gave her some expressed milk, she giggles, plays with toys (eats them) and splashes. I wonder if it’s time to give up the baby tub, but maybe we can stretch it until we have our new house where there ISN’T a mold problem in the tub. Yuck.

Everything is pretty to her now. Yesterday, she wanted to attack the vacuum cleaner, I think she was lusting after the cord, she seemed upset when I hurriedly gathered it up and took it out of her way. Good for a laugh, though.

After surviving nearly a year, I kind of get what this whole parenting thing is about. I have a lot to learn, of course, and each new step will be an adventure, but I also treasure every day and wish I’d cuddled that bitty baby a little more, as she will not sit still to be cuddled by mommy. Argh. Maybe she will later on. For now we are settled with big hugs and a ‘tickle monster’ which seems to make her happy.

Until tomorrow, where I hope to have a nice, sentimental, weepy post, good morning!


  1. Just goes zipping by, doesn’t it?

    Every age is the best age, you wish they’d stay that age… then they get older and you say it again.

    Kids are great.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I recall telling Jacob that I forbade him to turn 1. He did it anyway. It really was rough for me. But when Lauren turned 1, it was no big deal. Not that you don’t want them to grow up, but there is something about their babyhood being over and toddlerhood begun that is tough. You think about how they came into this world and how she doesn’t even seem like the same kid. Now be prepared to be amazed again over the next year as she masters more words, walking, running, begins to use her imagination, and her personality gets more and more defined. The first time she says “I love you, Mama!” is magical. I love watching them learn all the new things – you can see their gears turning! You’re in for quite a ride over the next year. Can’t wait to hear the stories!!!!! Kiss the birthday girl for me!

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