Not Me Monday!

Have you heard of Not Me! Monday? It’s where you post a story that really, truly did happen to you, but it makes you seem bad that you tell the story in a negative tone? Like “I did NOT eat 2 donuts yesterday”!

So here’s my story. I always buy my baby’s clothes on sale. JCPenney is really high fashion for us and we afford it when it’s on sale, especially for the next season. So when my friend Erin told me about Gap Baby socks being the only ones to stay up, I did NOT research where to find the nearest baby Gap. While I wasn’t there, I did not match the socks to every outfit she already has,  I did NOT also buy her coat at full price, along with NOT purchasing cute little mittens to match. NOT.  My husband did NOT fall over faint, nor did he argue when I applied for the credit card, which saved us 25%. I also did NOT sweet talk the clerk into telling me that they DON’T have markdowns on Sundays, nor did she NOT tell me that I was welcome to call ahead to see if they had anything marked down. NOT!

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