I love my husband…

Were you expecting a but? we’ll don’t. Except this one…

HPIM1005Quite  a lovely shot, right? I just wanted to thank my husband for getting up at 4 am (instead of sleeping in until 430) so he can get to work early, and also staying later so he can have some overtime. It will be nice to have a touch of savings in the bank (hopefully) so we can get the upstairs of the new house finished! I know I haven’t helped any with my ‘root canal’ and ‘hernia surgery’ and those bills have yet to come in, but I hope in better health I can try and be a better spouse and make his welcome home each night a little nicer than ‘here, you watch her while I make dinner’ which has been pretty standard fare as of late.

Kisses, babe and I miss you while you’re gone, see you tonight!


  1. She is getting so big!

    It’s great when husbands help – I’ve concluded that there are a lot of them out there that don’t lift a finger!

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