Fun Monday: Inspect our gadgets


Wendishness is the host for Fun Monday this week, and she asks us to talk about our gadgets, what we couldn’t live with or without. And by gadgets, she meant anything that made life a little easier or fun, these could be found in the garden, kitchen, laundry, office or anywhere.

I had thought about hosting Fun Monday and had a similar post in mind, so here goes: right now, life is pretty simple, but our gadgets are not. Since it’s not a minimalist thing, let’s just assume that we can include anything. I will keep it short though.

1. Laptop with internet

2. Bum Genius diapers

3. Church key

Now you’re probably wondering about the church key, right? Why is a church key so important? It’s not a physical key for a lock, it’s another name for a bottle opener. Click here to see various types. I use my church key to open cans of juice, broth, or other liquids for soups, and this time of year, that’s really what is called for, don’t you think?

Sure, there’s a lot of other things that I probably couldn’t live without, but for today, that’s my list!


  1. So do you still use those liner thingeys (almost like a handiwipe) with the Bum Genius’s? A thousand years ago when I was babysitting and we used cloth diapers, those liners were a lifesaver for the “big” stuff! And “church keys” are the classic gadgets. Very useful and low tech.

  2. The computer was all I could think about. I’ve never heard a bottle opener called that before. I had a favourite one which suddenly went missing, and everyone has denied responsibility.

  3. Oh my, you are taking me back a few years. I just assume that every mom uses disposable diapers.It’s been a long time since I heard about diaper liners. Church key was a favorite expression when I was a teen. I still use mine. Thanks for the memories Jill. Happy FM

  4. when my kids were little — a pacifier was my BEST gadget!
    I had cloth diapers, too. But they were the regular old style that I folded while watching TV in my high heels and suit before I left for work. sigh.
    not the best memories -~~

    When I grow up and get rich I’m going to get a lap top.

  5. Wow… I wish those diapers were around when my son was a baby. It was either the old-fashioned diapers or disposables. Having grown up with the smell of cloth diapers I opted for the disposables. Those bum genius ones look very cool!

  6. Will just have to research the diapers since we are expecting our 11th grandchild…
    As far as the church key, that little gadget can be used for a variety of chores. Here’s it’s origin:
    There is sparse, and often contradictory, documentation as to the origin of the term “church key”, though most agree the phrase is a sarcastic euphemism, as the opener was obviously designed to access beer, and not churches.

    One explanation for the term “Church Key” lends its origin an almost mythic significance; in Medieval Europe, monks and nobility were the only brewers. Lagering cellars in the monasteries were locked, as the monks guarded the secrets to their craft. The monks carried keys to these lagering cellars on their cinch, or belt. It may have been this key from which the “Church Key” opener got its name.

  7. Church key, I’ve never heard them referred to as that but I like it actually. Of course the laptop with internet is a must have hahaha and the bum genius diapers, love that name too haha.

    Sorry if I pipped you at the post (pardon the pun) with the topic, I don’t read minds, I promise!

  8. Those cloth diapers look really nice and soft and comfy (for baby of course!). You are such a good mom!!

    I honestly do not think I could live without my computer or internet. I would go into shock mode and then I would proably be admitted.

    p.s. I have a REAL church key!

  9. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Hmmm. Church key. That’s a new one for me, but evidently I’m about the only one in the dark!

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