Fun Monday: Crisp and airy (not cookies)


Hoosier Girl is the hostess for Fun Monday. She says:  The inspiration was “10 on Tuesday–Show us or tell us what you love about fall – images, smells, sights, activities. You’re getting 15! Please watch the clip it only takes a few seconds!

1. The crisp, clean air that makes you want to add another layer.

2. Dried leaves, skating across a sidewalk with a scratching sound.

3. Trick-or-treaters in real costumes.

4. Getting cozy under a blanket.

5. Orange is everywhere.

6. Soup and sandwich season. ***

7. Football makes me happy.

8. Trees with 1 or 2 blazing colored leaves, then suddenly, it catches fire!

9. Permission to drink hot chocolate.

10. Thinking about turkey and noodles, dressing, and everything we have to be thankful for this year, and in the holiday season to come.

HPIM0381(Now that I see this picture, I think the only time we had noodles last year was at the church Fall Social, about 2 weeks before I gave birth, and I was REALLY disappointed that someone else scoped them for leftovers and I didn’t get any to take home)…This was my first attempt at a Thanksgiving dinner. Not too bad, really.

11. Picking up corn (gleaning) after the farmers harvest their fields, to put back for nature’s friends. Just taking those muddy steps is therapy to me. Ahh!


12. Fall is when any place you are feels like home.

13. The homecoming parade at WIU and the band playing “Georgia” in front of the Alumni House. They literally bend over backwards for their crowd. Search Marching Leathernecks on you tube for more.

14. Poking your partner with cold toes, and then cuddling up together.

15. That smell, in the air, you know what I mean?

*** Does anyone know where to find decent soup/sandwich sets? There used to be nice ones from Fiesta (I emailed their company only to be told they don’t make them anymore) in bright colors…


  1. There are some things I like too in fall, the orange color and people’s decoration for fall and Halloween. Unfortunately I can’t help with a decent address for a soup set, I live too far away, lol !

  2. Soup and sandwich set? I’ll have to check into that – is it a plate and bowl that fit together?

    I agree with all your reasons for liking fall – except football. Not that I dislike it, I just don’t care about it…

  3. I am like Sayre…Football is way low on my priority list…but I do love all the others on your list. Thanks for sharing and a continued recovery to you.

  4. Now that’s a good list but I would agree with others about footie; in fact I would go further and say football would never be on any list of mine LOL.

  5. How wise Jill–“fall is when any place you are feels like home.” The whole concept of home becomes so important this time of the year. How fortunate we are to have a home. I was watching Oprah this p.m. and one of her guests was a young woman who is freshman at Harvard. The thing that was amazing about her story was that she had spent all her young life on the streets of L.A. or in homeless shelters. The library was her “home.”

    About those soup/sandwich thingeys–Fiesta used to make a little curved plate and cup duo for your soup and sandwich–I’ve seen them in antique shops.

  6. I love your list of 15, but I can totally relate to No. 14! LOL! The marching band clip sounded great! Your mashed potatoes made me hungry!!

    Check out: for their pottery. They have some nice soup and salad plates/bowls. I own the square bowls and plates. They are the PERFECT size!

  7. I wasn’t able to get into your blog for several days. It just stayed in the timer… and then said it wasn’t available yada yada yada.

    I was wondering if that smell in the air had anything to do with that turkey dinner

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