There are some updates, but not many.

  1. The girls loved their ribbons. As predicted, they were alternately anxious to know their names were spelled right, and cooing ‘really, for everyone?’ in disbelief. It was like an echo chamber. It felt really, really good. Did my heart good, as they say. Yeah!
  2. Tomorrow is surgery. Boo. But!! And it’s a big but! He he. I MAY be able to have an epidural instead of ‘going under’, in which case no extra milk needed. Yeah! However, if the anesthetist ‘misses’, I will still have to go under. Boo. Hiss.
  3. Mom is bringing food for us. Yeah!
  4. I still haven’t mopped the floors, and I have a touch of laundry to do, but I feel I’ve done everything else I can to make this place seem like it’s not just a trash heap all the time. Woohoo!
  5. The toilet has started running every time you flush. Double yuck.
  6. I have a big pot of chili on the stove and Matt isn’t home yet. So boo, and yeah all together. I want him home, but at least dinner is done so we can chat before tomorrow.
  7. All things considered things are looking up.
  8. Except about the housing thing. Don’t even get me started. That earns a ‘barf’.
  9. See you all on the ‘flip’ side of surgery! Blog a lot so I have fun things to read!

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