Fun Monday: It’s in the bag, baby!


So Chris is the hostess for Fun Monday. She wants to know: So ‘what type of shopping bag do you favour’-plastic or material? How many do you use.  You could even show us what’s in your  bag!

Ah, a green post, so green text: Well, let’s see, I really prefer to use my dull (not shiny) new shopping bag from Aldi. It was $2, and this weekend we used it to recycle paper (yet another use), but I have taken it several times to the local megamart. They cashiers are happy enough to use them, I find that the older cashiers understand better than the young ones, though. If we forget the reusable bag, a lot of times they’ll put one item in a bag and then forget that they did it, so I’ll grab it back out and put it with the others, ensuring that #1 we come home with everything and #2 that we save the plastic. We do recycle the plastic bags that we get, or reuse them for baby wipes, bathroom trash, etc. The hometown grocery that I go to in order to stock up on their sale items (gallon buckets of Prairie Farms chocolate ice cream for $3.99) each week, sometimes gives out paper bags, so I have a couple of those saved back and tuck them in the fabric bag in case of ‘too much bought-itis’.  I even took a picture of the big bag full. HPIM0865This was from 2 months ago, some event, perhaps 4th of July, and I had also gone to the library and stashed books I had gotten that day in there too. It’s really a great all-purpose bag, and holds a LOT. It doesn’t sit on megamart bag holders very well, but if the cashier is careful, it will sit. I find it easier to place cart items that would be heavier or make the bag retain it’s shape up on the counter first, and that makes it easier for the cashier to steady the bag. It truly, really is easier than using all those plastic bags, too, because you can put this over your shoulder (sans winter coat), baby in other arm, soda in bag hand and voila, all ready to go, something that would have taken 3 trips and left a baby whining in a playpen makes for marvelously easy trips inside.  There you have it, I have one, big fabric bag, and I try and remember to take it with me whenever I go shopping. Note, I have taken it for family things too, when I take stuff somewhere, and it is very useful, plus can be refilled with empty containers or simply folded up and put back in the car when not in use. Handy thing, really.


  1. Hi, Jill! Do you know, I have tried to visit you for the last 3 or 4 Fun Mondays, and each time I clicked the link in my comments section, I got the “Page Not Found” error? How bizarre. I finally got a clue and clicked over to you from ChrisB’s hosting page.

    So, sorry I have neglected you! You always leave such insightful comments and I’ve felt terrible about not replying.

    Hee – cloth table napkins are so lovely, aren’t they? Now that’s where I’m not green – I still use the paper ones. My excuse is that they are biodegradable. *sigh* But the cloth ones add such a touch of class to even the most mundane meal. Good thought…I might have to do that!

    Your bags look fabulous! I kind of got distracted after you mentioned a 1 gallon tub of ice cream, though. I can’t imagine why. I’m going to read the rest as soon as I can stop fantasizing about doing a swan dive into a tub of chocolate ice cream *sigh* Happy FM to you!

  2. For young people who never knew real shopping bags because they were brought up with the plastic bags it must be even more difficult. Even I had difficulties to go back to the past and always forgot a bag at home. Now I keep them in my car in case I have to do some unforeseen shopping !

  3. I would never manage with one bag, as I expect you gathered from my post. LOL
    I used 7 today doing the weekly grocery shop-but I do my mother’s shopping as well so 2 of them were filled with her things.

  4. I have a large tote bag made out of recycled plastic bottles! It’s very strong and I use it for recycling newspapers. I do have some of the other kind of bags, but somehow never remember to put them in the car. I will be making more of an effort, though!

  5. I love those big totes, your bag looks about the size of my favourite one and it’s so handy for the library, general or food shopping (obviously not the weekly shop though)

  6. I also have a few large tote bags and I do use them for special outings such as festivals, beach and vacations. Our town does mandatory recycling, we have a bin for all plastic containers and I put all newspapers in a paper bag along with junk mail. we also recycle plastic bags. Thanks for sharing Jill and Happy FM

  7. You are right on the money about using them for recycling paper, I meant to mention that in my post but forgot. I’ve found that they are the perfect size to take a tabloid newspaper folded in half, so you can fit tons of them in there.

  8. When I got my Aldi Bag it was free … the store was brand new to the area and that was the “free gift” – it is kinda worn out now, I wonder if they would let me shop if I brought in some one else’s bag ??

  9. Thats a great bag (our Aldi bags here are thick plastic or the thin canvas type) I can’t imagine just having one bag though, I think I have around 50!

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