Things that would never happen…

Without me here….

-Remembering to buy more toilet paper before you’re on the last roll

-Cookies from scratch

-Clipping coupons

-Bursting into song without the radio on

-Full pantry

-Clothes purchased for 2 seasons ahead, on sale

-Diaper coordinating with outfit

-Bringing the jacket that’s ‘team colors’ for the nieces/nephews for baby to ballgame

-Creating a theme for baby’s room

-Decorations other than car related or Christmas

-Birthday cards, anniversary cards (except for Keeley)

-Shopping for what’s on sale, knowing what’s a good sale, and what’s a crock

Hey, life would go on without me, but I guess I have a purpose, right?

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Sure life would go on without you, but it wouldn’t be nearly so full of a life. You do have a purpose. Besides all that stuff ( and more, if we spent a little more time), you’re a great friend, and those are not always easy to come by. Especially a lifelong friend, which is what I feel I made when we became friends. Love you!!! (Have Keeley give you some love from me!)

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