Fun Monday: Fin, Fur and Skin Babies

Would you believe I forgot it was Monday and so I didn’t put my post up yet? Okay, here’s a quickie and I’ll try and do better next week. The hostess for Fun Monday was Sayre and she wanted to see our fur babies, fin babies, or skin babies. Well I only have a skin baby, so here’s a picture of her:

HPIM0908She crawled into the laundry hamper while I was washing ‘mommy and daddy’s’ clothes. Here’s another one of her, with me! Gasp! I take horrible pictures so I don’t often stick one of myself up here, but, why not!

HPIM0942Here I am going ‘nom nom’ into her ear like I will nibble on her ear, and she is clearly enjoying every minute of it, again, I take horrible pictures, she, cute as a button, looks wonderful, so there you are. I really do have hair, it’s quite long and always pulled back in a ponytail. I aim to have it cut and donated once it is the right length to Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, to make wigs for women who have lost their hair to cancer.


  1. Love your “laundry.” I’ve never seen such cute laundry.

    Good for you donating your hair. I lost all of mine to chemo and people like are special to people like me.

  2. Beautiful skinbaby – love the picture. I have donated my hair numerous times – not anymore because it’s gotten too gray !

  3. A little modern day Esther Williams doing her synchronized “swimming “from the laundry basket. How adorable. You may not like how your photo turned out, but it’s obvious that mom and babe love the game. A question about the hair donation–does it have to be “pure” with no coloring or perming? That’s probably in short supply these days–I couldn’t pass that test with my “natural” auburn locks! It’s a generous thing to do for sure.

  4. Valerie

    Cute pictures! Glad to see my baby girl is not the only one lacking in the hair department. I get so jealous of all these moms that have baby girls with a full head of hair. Amarah has the skunk stripe down the middle and has a pretty sweet rat tail in the back. Someday these girls will have hair and absolutely hate it. Oh the joys of being a woman! 🙂

  5. I have yet to see a baby who doen’t love to play in a laundry basket…she is precious. You look so young in that photo….donating your hair is an act of love that you will never regret. Thanks for sharing Jill.

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