Knowing is half the battle…

Those jumbo rice krispies? They aren’t like rice krispies at all. They don’t ‘snap crackle and pop’ in milk. They aren’t the same color, flavor, or texture. I realized too late that the box says ‘with a touch of honey’ on it. I was planning on giving them to Keeley as an alternative to Cheerios. Well, she’s still under 1 so she can’t have honey.

Quite frankly, unless it’s really well hidden (like in Candy corn! Yum!), I don’t like honey. I still tried to eat the cereal. It should have said ‘smothered in honey’. Luckily, I gave up after 3 bites and my husband sniffed, nibbled and said he’d eat it. I used a coupon, so I guess it’s not terrible. Unfortunately the ‘cheapy’  O cereal doesn’t show up in our stores without honey. I got a Wal- brand box, but they tasted awful, so I guess cheerios it is.

Very disappointed in the jumbo krispies, but I guess as they say, now you know, and knowing is half the battle….the other half in this instance is getting the stupid stuff to grind up in the garbage disposal. Ahem.

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