Feeling much better

After 2 nights of very good sleep I’m feeling a ton better. I know I get cranky when I don’t get any rest, and I do everything I can to avoid that situation. I’ve been known to just go and nap until I felt better (although now I have to make sure Keeley has been fed recently and Matthew is willing to take care of her, usually, though that means she is napping too, so I can actually sleep and not just lay there and listen to her make noise)…

Plus, Matthew and I carved out some ‘us’ time while Keeley was playing/sleeping yesterday and I still managed to get a lot of other things done. Seems like normally we can have some time together OR keep the house clean, one or the other. I still struggle a lot, but I’m working on it. I can’t just go gung-ho anymore and clean like a fiend because #1 I can’t keep the cleaning supplies within her reach, #2 I can’t say clean the floors because she is crawling on them, and #3 because the time Matthew is home, I’d like to see them interact and not be sulking doing chores. Plus Keeley throws a royal fit when I leave the room, even when daddy is there. So that leaves ‘nap time’ for chores, internet, and sneaking in some reading. Is it a surprise that with all that’s going on I’m choosing everything else over chores? Hmm.. guess not. On the other hand, if you don’t see the handful of dishes in my sink from last night (the rest of the 4 day old dishes got done while food was in the oven and Matthew was watching Keeley eat strawberries) or at the mound of recycling out on the back porch, then I guess you’d think we were doing okay. PS, just don’t sit on the floor, because the lady downstairs sleeps during the day, and I rarely get a chance to vacuum, you’ll probably end up with crumbs and long strands of my hair on your clothes… other than that, I’m feeling much better, even if this place is a mess. I have had SLEEP! Yeah. Now, off to go and switch the clothes I started this morning to the dryer, clean up last night’s dishes and maybe try and mop while Keeley is finishing off her morning rest (I have been nursing her and putting her right back down if it’s REALLY early, and letting her sit up and play if she slept a long time, and when she gets cranky putting her back in bed), seems to work out a lot better than otherwise. If I have time, I might even get to eat breakfast. Yes!

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