Update:The great noiseout 2009!

A little housekeeping, I posted a very short similar item to my last post over at facebook and it exploded in my face. Apparently I’m more stupid on there than I am over here, I guess, or maybe it was easier to misunderstand in such a short form. Plus I didnt’ get back to it for a while and someone took me not seeing someone’s post to mean that I agreed with them. One of my old college frienemies suggested I knock on the ceiling with a broom. Um, no! I would never do that. Now every one of my 200+ friends got an update about how someone would call 911 on me because I was beating on the ceiling with a broom and knocking angrily. I did NEITHER. Unfortunately, it was all taken out of context (the person actually ASKED if I did that– but you know people who read it will jump to the wrong conclusion about me after reading it–you can’t unring a bell, right?) and I didn’t see it until about 24 hours had passed, but hopefully it went by in a blip and I won’t be defriended in hordes! Those of you that have been reading pretty regularly know the personal hell we have been through in the last couple of years. You know all those stress points that make people go bonkers? Death of a loved one, a move, a baby being born (just being pregnant), changing jobs, changing of income. Yup, we’ve done them all (some of them more than once within a month) and it’s been totally crazy. All my friends are gone or ‘online’. Just because I blow off a little steam doesn’t mean I’m psycho, folks. It also doesn’t mean I can’t be in the other person’s shoes. I’m just SICK AND TIRED of having to write ‘I know it must be hard to have a 2 year old’ or the like in front of everything! Why should I have to. You all KNOW me. You know that I know it’s hard to have a 2 year old. I never said it wasn’t. I’m just sick of having to say it so I don’t get inflammatory comments.

This morning I wrote a very polite note telling them we had a baby downstairs (even though I already know they know) and asked them to please try and be quiet after 8 pm, explaining that my husband gets up at 4:30 AM and that we go to bed early. So far, it’s not working 🙁 but Keeley got to sleep, which is important.

Unfortunately, it’s just as important for us, as her parents and caregivers, to also get some sleep. The folks upstairs were STILL moving furniture at 2 this morning.

We’ve turned the radio up fairly loud and so far Keeley hasn’t been bugged by the noise tonight. We had to get her up, because she wouldn’t nap (too loud), and I was afraid of retribution from the folks upstairs. It’s now ALMOST 9 and it’s finally starting to quiet down up there. Thank god. I feel SO sorry for that poor kid. She must be exhausted staying up that late. I’m not going to qualify that with ‘maybe she slept in’. We all know it. We’re not morons, let’s move on, mmk?

Cross your fingers that they quit moving furniture pretty soon, alright? I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night, and that was after traveling all day yesterday and then we traveled all day today.

p.s. We think we saw the dad and kid at the ice cream shop and my husband thinks the guy is MAYBE 20. Also I think the kid is older than 2. She was able to follow directions, speak in clear sentences, and walk without ‘toddling’ so to speak. Again, I refuse to qualify with maybe we’re wrong about their age , etc. etc. It’s not a judgment on them, just an observation.


  1. Well, it sounds to me like your upstairs neighbors are inconsiderate assholes.

    Evidently you have a few ‘friends’ on Facebook who share that state of being.

    I deactivated my Facebook. Too much like high school. Sounds like that’s what you’re getting, too.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Sorry about the neighbors. It seems like there are too many people out there without any common sense, let alone common courtesy.

    As for the age of the kid, Lauren is 2 and doesn’t toddle. Hasn’t for a VERY long time. Jacob did more of that than she. She also never put a couple of nouns and verbs together to make a sentence. She started talking in paragraphs. And hasn’t stopped! And she is capable of following multi-step directions (better than her brother) when she has a mind to. And 3 years old is worse than 2 years. Not that that makes you feel any better…… I suppose hopefully you’ll be out before she turns 3!! Remember I love you and am sending hugs your way (and maybe a few ZZZs).

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