Random Stories

Let’s see how ‘random stories’ goes over. You know, that thing, which is hilarious, disgusting, or weird that you just never told anyone at the time? Those random things that just slip your mind? Tell me what you think about Random Stories, if you’d like to hear more, etc.

For instance, in my creative writing class that I took in college, almost all of the kids were younger than me, but OH so much more, ahem, active than me. So they wrote a lot of their stories with characters getting it on in the bottom of empty swimming pools in public and then casually leaving for whatever adventure they were going on next. I was a little unnerved. One guy seemed better than the rest, his stories might have been a little darker, but not as freaky as some of the others. Cheery round face, kind of would remind you of a better looking pig. One day he didn’t show up for class. We all wondered what had happened. By the next meeting, we all knew. He’d gotten busted for having kiddie porn on the computer in his campus room. The silence in the room was deafening. We all had gotten as close as you can reading each other’s deepest stuff inside a classroom a couple of times a week. You could almost feel the shockwave. Then like that, it was over and no one ever mentioned him again.

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