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Like most of the bloggers with kids around my age, we’re starting to think about parties. Birthday, what to do about Halloween, good gracious, it will be a real big Thanksgiving for all of us, and Christmas, oh my! Followed of course by New Year’s bashes, football’s big game and then the season kind of winds down until it’s grilling season again ( I don’t like basketball, so I skip over March madness personally). We look forward to a new house for at least a few of these and we’ve tried to make room in our small place to host some parties if anyone is willing to show up. Since we have a smaller house, though, we have to throw smaller parties.

What I’m wondering about is if we should in the future do a combo party for Keeley, any suggestions for combo of birthday and Halloween party ideas ? I think as tiny kids, it might not go over too well, but once she’s bigger, she might enjoy getting to wear her costume more than once, and parents might be glad to get some extra use out of their costumes as well. Since those items will be on special during that time of year as well, we could use an orange/purple theme and carefully select some items to use from year to year that double as home decorations. Of course there’s always spooky music (we have Monster Mash on our ipods already!) and of course why not have candy as the party favor or shape a cake like candy for the theme? Older kids that can’t trick or treat anymore, well, their parents might appreciate if their kids had somewhere to go to stay out of trouble for the night. Seems like a lot of times it was either raining or blazing hot when we were trick or treating, never just a clear, cool night, either! I think it even snowed once!

So what do you think? Combo party or not? On Halloween or not? Does it depend on the age, or is it just WAY overstepping the bounds of Halloweenism?

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  1. Valerie

    Maybe embrace the season rather than the holiday. That’s what we are planning on doing for Amarah’s birthday which is 5 days past Halloween. Me personally, if my birthday was close to a major holiday, I wouldn’t want a combo party. It might seem fun as a little kid but I think that it would wear off as I got older.

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