I need to invest in a duck suit company

After the doctor fiascoAmi suggested that I get a duck suit if I have to go in and see him again and if he asks what’s up with the duck suit just quack at him…

We need one for the second contractor. 2 weeks ago he said he’d give us a quote in a week (catch that?) so he was a week late at it anyway, he suggested to my husband that he’d built a ‘faux’ cape cod before and Matthew could see it and of course my husband said, ‘no, we want the cape cod, price the cape cod’ — so what’s he do? Of course he prices the faux cape cod, which is really a 3 BR ranch, not a 4 BR cape cod. Hello? Quack, quack, quack.


  1. Hello sweet thing!! First, I want to say how sorry I was to have completely forgotten to come over and sign up for your Fun Monday ….when you so kindly invited me in the first place. it just slipped my mind!!

    Now, this isn’t funny….these people have a serious problem if you want my opinion. And that doctor [below?] O M G!!!! I would have been high tailin’ it out of there in no time flat. I don’t like doctors, and I especially don’t like ones that are trying to be funny….and a nerd at that. Yep, yep…I woulda been making tracks outta there!!!

    Hope you have better luck…and that you DON’T get stuck with him! O M G!!

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