Drs visit

Let’s just say the doctor’s visit was less than desired. I did get a referral to a surgeon, so I didn’t have to go through any tests yet (although at this point, a test would be fine, do it and get it over with, really, because the surgeon will order it anyway and this just slows everything down for another month, but oh well, it’s just my body, no big deal)…crap.

And crap seemed to be the theme of the day. As a way of introduction he told me he may have to excuse himself because he was getting a colonoscopy and basically he may have to go poop, I can’t remember the exact words, it was nicer than that, but still. Then he asks me about prior surgeries, and I had written down C Section and appendectomy and the dates. He repeated this out loud and I confirmed. Then he asked me if I had any kids (knock knock knock, are we in the same room?) so I said, yes, I do. And he then proceeds to ask me how that went. Uh? Well was it a normal delivery? Blank stare, followed by, well I guess as normal as it could be….and he proceeds to say, so you had a normal v-delivery then? At this point, I am SERIOUSLY starting to worry about this guy. Calmly, I said, no I had a C-Section. Frown wrinkles my face. He says, oh well, that’s you know sort of a surgery and he writes it down right below C Section and appendectomy on my paperwork. Seriously? Really? I didn’t even bother to correct him. He poked at my belly and couldn’t find anything. Damn you Betty Lou (BL is the name my husband gave to the odd protrusion) …anyway, I was able to explain my symptoms, since he didn’t ask me any relevant questions to focus on how it was bothering me…and he decided it was enough for a consult..he wanted to wait a week to make sure the insurance would cover it. Dude, seriously. Anyway, then the guy wasn’t there in another week so it will have to be 2. I go back the first week in September. I pray I never have to see this doctor again. I will be calling them to get me to a regular doctor and make sure they don’t try and stick me with this guy for my general welfare checkups. Not happening. No way.

Who goes to work the day they are getting ‘cleansed’ for a colonoscopy anyway? Let alone a doctor. Who should know better.


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Sorry it was so crappy. He doesn’t sound like anyone I would like seeing my family, and you’re like a sister, so try not to see him again. Really.

    Hey, I finally called and made an appointment to see the surgeon for my gall bladder. Go on Sept 9, unless I have to change it to make it work for Mark’s schedule.

  2. Hi Jill–your experience reminds me of my friend kittyhawk’s belief that any time you go to a doctor you always have to “give them something to work on” before they can come up with a diagnosis. . .

    On a more trivial note, the sign up for August 24 Fun Monday is posted over at my place. The topic is “Back to School”. As an adult are you currently taking a class or learning a new skill? You may want to suggest that SOMEONE in the medical field take a refresher course on conducting patient interviews and diagnosis!

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