Fun Monday: Scars

fun_monday_logo_jpg+largeHi all, I’m here hosting again and this time I’m putting forth an extreme Fun Monday challenge. One totally unexpected and that will force you to put yourself out there. Then again, why are you blogging if not to challenge yourself? This week, I challenge you to show us your scars. Scars can be physical or emotional, they can be a reminder of something good or a warning against repeating past actions. They are often (like most experiences) great teachers. If it’s a physical scar, tell us how you got it, if you learned anything from the experience, and what you think of when you see it. If it’s an emotional scar, how did you come by it and what has it taught you?

Sign up/ Mr. Linky will go up Sunday!


  1. LOL! What if we don’t have any? huh? Now here I am trying to find a physical one and I don’t seem to have one of those either! Checked my toe, Zak stomped on it in his ice skates yesterday but its still intact. The finger I almost chopped off last week has healed itself but the skin is peeling off my whole finger top! No scars though! Its actually quite bizarre considering how often I hurt myself. I will keep searching!

  2. Hi Jill, Thanks for hosting…thats a very interesting topic…I think I can find a physical scar to share. I’ll keep the emotional ones to myself. I will come back to visit Mr. Linky tomorrow.

  3. I have plenty of both kinds of scars. I’ve bared many of my emotional scars already, but haven’t talked about my physical ones… Count me in.

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